Hiking in and around Palm Springs

I will say these are can”t miss trails if you like moderate hikes.  It is easy to identify with why the Agua Caliente Tribe chose this area in the Tahquitz Canyon area to call home. Take Water!

Tahquitz Falls:  5 Minutes from downtown Palm Springs. There is a fee for this trail. This is a short 2 mile loop which I would consider a moderate nature walk than a strenuous hike.  There is hardly any elevation gain. Bring good shoes with traction or hiking sandals.  You will get see Petroglyphs from the Cahuilla Tribe.  I have gotten in the water near where the falls come down.  The deepest point in the water was about 10 feet during the season I went.  But most of the water is very shallow, somewhere around 2 feet or less.

Tahquitz Falls

Araby Trail “Bob Hopes house” Short hike to get a view of Bob Hopes home.  There must be about 4 or more miles of trails up here.  But it will only take you about 20 minutes to get a view of Bob Hopes property.  An Architectural treat.

Araby Trail bob hope 1                    Araby Trail bob hope


North Lykken Trail:  You can find this trail behind downtown at the end of Ramon Rd.  There is a dirt lot at the end of Ramon and to park on.  Sometimes I would park on the opposite side of the dirt along the curbs without any problems.  Lock your car. You can also park near Hwy 111 & Ramon and just walk up the street to the trail head. Its a nice stroll through the neighborhood til you reach the trail.  If you stay  on the trail to your right, you will get excellent views of Palm Springs after only about 5 minutes from the trail head.  If you are an experienced hiker you can stay on this trail, avoid the loops and head straight to the top of the Palm Springs Tram.  But it is very steep.  It is known as the 2nd steepest trail in Southern California.

Lykken North                         Lykken North 1


Indian Canyons:  If you wanna see why Palm Springs is considered a Desert Oasis take some walks in the Indian Canyons.  There are several miles of hiking trails back here.  Remnants can be seen of the early Agua Caliente society such as rock art, house pits, foundations, irrigation ditches, dams, reservoirs, trails and food preparation areas still exist in the canyons.  Guided tours are available.  Indian Canyons is about 10 minutes from downtown Palm Springs.

Indian Canyon                         indian-canyons-palm-springs01_430x200